Chinese Man Jailed In US For Stealing Military Information

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A Chinese businessman, Su Bin has been jailed in the United States for stealing the US Military information.

He pleaded guilty to hacking sensitive military information and has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison in the US.

Su Bin admitted collaborating with hackers in the Chinese Military to steal data from US Defence companies between 2008 and 2014.

In a statement, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, John Carlin said, “Su Bin’s sentence is a just punishment for his admitted role in a conspiracy with hackers from the People’s Liberation Army Air Force to illegally access and steal sensitive U.S. military information.”

The 51-years-old was arrested in Canada in 2014 and extradited to the US.

The arrest came after the Chinese government repeatedly denied any involvement in hacking foreign companies or governments.

In addition to the 46-month prison sentence, the Los Angeles court also ordered Mr Bin to pay a $10,000 fine.

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