Five Suspects Charged Over Nice Attack

Five suspect are been charged over Bastille Day attack in Nice, Frnace. A chilling audio message recorded by Bastille Day killer Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel suggests a second atrocity was being planned for August, French prosecutors fear.

The sinister revelation concerning the man who murdered 84 people using a 19-tonne lorry in Nice a week ago came as five accomplices were charged with carrying out a range of terrorist crimes.

At 5pm on July 14th, the day of the Riviera bloodbath, Lahouaiej-Bouhlel recording the message saying: 'Chokri and his friends are ready for next month, they are currently with Walid.'

All of the names mentioned are covered by the men and one women currently in custody in connection with the attack.

But that does not rule out the possibility that others may still be at large and ready to strike, prosecutors fear.

At 10.27pm, just minutes before the July 14th rampage started, Lahouaiej-Bouhlel send his last text message to Ramzi A, another detained man.

It read: 'I wanted to tell you that the pistol that you got me yesterday it very good, so I want five from your girlfriend. They're for Chokri and his friends.'

Ramzi A., the man who received the last message, has been indicted for arms offences in relation to a terrorist enterprise.

Two Albanians - Artan H., 38, and Enkeledgia Z., 42 - are in prison and suspected of supplying the gun that the killer used to shoot at police officers on July 14.

Source: AFP

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