Saraki Trial: Nigerian Constitution Grants Nobody Immunity

Justice Ebenezer Adebajo has labelled the Federal Government's fight against corruption as superficial, saying that the prosecution of a handful of high-ranking officials is not fighting systematic corruption which is a cancer in Nigerian politics.

Adebajo went on to explain that there is no immunity in Nigeria, a fact that all Nigerians needed to come to terms with. He added that nobody had immunity, not even the president.

The House of Representatives was in a rowdy session Tuesday over the planned inclusion of the Senate President and Speaker to enjoy immunity.

The Minority Leader of the House, Leo Ogor had in the bill canvassed for the inclusion of the presiding officers of the two chambers of the National Assembly which will also include the deputy senate president and the deputy speaker in the immunity.

But the idea was opposed with the Majority Leader saying that there was no democracy in the world that heads of the legislature enjoy immunity, adding that even if it would work, the timing was wrong especially now that the Senate President Bukola Saraki was facing trials.

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