Train Collision Leaves Over 20 People Dead in Southern Italy

Train Collision

Two trains collided head-on in southern Italy today, killing at least 20 people, with dozens more hurt.

The trains, each with four cars, collided as they passed through a grove of olive trees in the countryside outside Andria.

According to reports, the line has only a single track, so the crash is probably due to either a signalling error or a mistake by one of the drivers.

A photo of the crash shows cars crumpled together and forced off the tracks at sharp angles.

Some of the carriages are utterly crumpled and the rescue services are pulling people out, from the rubble, including a small child who was alive.

'This is a moment for tears in which we need to work to recover the victims and wounded. We will not stop until we know what happened' - Italy's prime minister Matteo Renzi said.

See more photos below...

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