Two Homosexuals Rescued From Angry Mob

Two suspected homosexuals are currently being held by police after being rescued from an angry mob in Enugu State.

According to a Punch report, one of the suspects, identified as Orji Odinaka, was accosted by the mob for the attempted rape of a wheelbarrow pusher identified only as Sunday.

The second suspect, Ejineme Nonso, was also held by the mob after Chimezie, a boy in the area, had alleged that Nonso had threatened him after he had refused the man's sexual advances towards him.

“Nonso, who was alleged to be Odinaka’s accomplice in the gay practice, was also accosted by the mob after another boy, Chimezie, revealed that he had been threatening him for refusing to succumb to his homosexual advances,” stated Ebere Amaraizu, PR Officer for the Enugu State Police Command.

The mob is said to have stripped the two suspects naked and were on the verge of setting them alight when officers intervened.

Odinaka has since claimed that his wife had left him due to his sexual orientation, while Nonso claimed that he had left the homosexual practice until he was reported to the mob by Chimezie.

The two men remain under investigation.

Source: Punch

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