Two Uber Drivers Arrested While On Duty

Uber continues to hit roadblocks when it comes to safety. Two Uber drivers were arrested in separate incidents over the weekend.

A man in Palo Alto, California, was arrested and charged with sexual assault after a female passenger told police that he made uninvited advances and ignored her requests to stop the vehicle, according to police.

Another driver in Chicago was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt and was arrested when officers discovered marijuana and a loaded weapon in the car. Police learned the man does not have the proper license for carrying a firearm and has prior felony convictions.

Uber does not allow drivers or passengers to have firearms even with proper licensing.

The company confirmed the drivers involved in both incidents have been banned from the ride sharing service.

Uber, which is valued at $62.5 billion, has faced multiple lawsuits for advertising its service as the "safest ride on the road." Uber stopped making those types of claims earlier this year and has agreed to pay more than $50 million to settle the suits.

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