Wole Soyinka Says He Is Pro-Biafra

Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has again, said he is pro Biafra.

Soyinka said he supports the pro- Biafra agitators because the Igbo people have been so wronged that they have no choice than to consider opting out of Nigeria.

He stated that the Igbo people have been brutalized in a way that justifies their feeling that they were not part of Nigeria.

He, however, said the Igbo people were also culpable in the whole crisis that led to the war.

He criticized the removal of History and teaching of the Biafran crisis in schools.

He urged Nigerians to recognize the plurality of Nigeria, how it came together and begin to devise and adopt a method of governance which cannot only be of massive decentralization

On the breakup of Nigeria, Soyinka said Boko Haram insurgency might be part of the reasons Nigeria may stay together.

Soyinka said a few years ago, he would have agreed that Nigeria would break, but, now that a section of the country is in trouble, there is some kind of pulling together.

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