Donald Trump Calls For ‘Extreme Vetting’ Of Immigrants To U.S

Donald Trump

U.S Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, says that he will enforce an “extreme vetting” of immigrants if he is voted to the White House.

In a speech in Ohio, Mr Trump outlined his plans to combat Islamic extremism, including a new screening test for arrivals to the United States.

He says applicants will be tested to determine if they share western liberal values and religious tolerance.

Trump also said that in implementing his call for a temporary ban on Muslims immigrating to the country, he would institute “extreme vetting” as well as a new screening test to try to catch people who intend to do harm to the United States.

He has also called for the shutting down of access to the internet and social media for those aligned with Islamic State, which holds territory in Syria and Iraq.

While also blaming his democratic rival, Hilary Clinton and President Barack Obama for aiding the rise of the Islamic state, he says, “we will defeat radical Islamic terrorism just as we have defeated every threat we’ve faced at every age and before”.

However, his democratic rival Hilary Clinton poured scorn on his plan, labeling it a “cynical ploy”.

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