Donald Trump Facebook Page Has Something Unusual

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

Donald Trump wants you to know that he isn't a typical politician. That's evident as soon as you visit his Facebook page.
Most politicians -- including rival Hillary Clinton -- have a big button at the top of their Facebook page that says "Sign Up." Clicking on it takes people to the campaign website so they can enter their email and phone number to get involved.
But that's not what Trump's Facebook page emphasizes.

The big button on his page says: "Shop Now."
When you click on it, it takes you to his campaign store ( where you can purchase "Make America Great Again!" and "Trump Pence 2016" shirts, hats, stickers, buttons, etc. Prices start at $5.

Back in 2000, Trump told Fortune magazine that he "could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it." At that time, he was dabbling with a run and ended up getting a lucrative speaking deal.
Trump's tactic doesn't appear to be turning away supporters. His Facebook page has over 10.1 million followers. Clinton has about half that -- 5.3 million.

Trump is the only 2016 presidential candidate encouraging his Facebook backers to shop.

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