Lion Snatches Girl From Home, Kills Her in Bushes

Lion In Bushes

Magarini residents are living in fear of attacks by wild animals after a lion killed a 10-year-old girl at Kulesa village, Kilifi County, Kenya on Tuesday night.

The incident is said to have happened at around 3a.m when Winnie Makupe was sleeping in their grass-thatched house together with her family.

"We were awoken by screams after a lion sneaked into our house and grabbed Makupe with its jaws and ran into the thick bush," narrated the victims' grandfather Katana Karisa outside Malindi hospital mortuary.

Mr Karisa said efforts to rescue her were futile as the hungry lion could recharge and chase them.
"Neighbours, who heard the screams, joined us while armed with pangas, bows and arrows," he said adding that "but by this time, the lion had already vanished into the bushes and screams of our dear one had also diminished."

The search for the girl in the hope of finding her alive was later joined by police and Kenya Wildlife Service officers.
"We found a traumatising scene of the girls' remains a kilometre away from the home at around 11am," he said.

Earlier, Mtoroni residents also rescued a 14-year-old school boy Kelvin Mbingwa from a lion that attacked him in broad daylight.

Area ward representative Stanley Kenga called for government intervention in order to end human-wildlife conflict.
"A group of about five lions and uncounted number of hyenas suspected to have escaped from Tsavo National Park and Boni forest in Tana River County have terrorised residents for the past two months," he said.

Mr Kenga said residents are living in fear of being attacks by lions and hyenas that have invaded the area following prolonged drought.
"Lions have been spotted in Kanagoni, Vuga, Kamale, Timomboni, Kulesa, Muvoni Sorogosa, Dhololo, Adu and Chakama villages," he said.

Contacted for comment, the wildlife agency's Coast conservative assistant director Adan Alio said they had dispatched a team of game rangers to track and capture the animals adding that affected residents should file for compensation.

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