PHOTOS: More Than 1,000 US Spies Helping To Protect Rio Olympic Games

Rio Olympics: US Spies

More than 1,000 US spies are involved in security efforts to protect athletes as the Olympic Summer Games kickoff in Rio this weekend.

The group encompasses all 17 US intelligence agencies, from armed services to electronic eavesdropping and cyber and social media monitoring.

According to a senior US intelligence official, eight hundred (800) intelligence professionals will be operating from the US while another three hundred and fifty (350) have made their way to Rio.  

 Analysts, law enforcement and special operations forces, as well as more than a dozen highly trained Navy and Marine Corps commandos, are also on the ground.

They will work with the Brazilian Federal Police and Brazilian Navy, senior military officials told the network,  which obtained the highly classified intelligence report.

Rio Olympics: US Spies

Lager US military units have also been placed on call in case of an emergency and the Brazilian government is fully cooperating with the operation.

A senior intelligence official said they consider the country to be 'well-prepared and highly professional' in regards to security.

A warship stacked with missiles and an arsenal of lethal weaponry was already on patrol in the waters of a popular Rio beach earlier this week. 

Rio Olympics: US War Ship

Its armaments includes machinery to fire four torpedoes simultaneously, and has four Exocet missile launchers, two 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns and two 20mm canons.
There is also a launch pad for two helicopters to enable security teams to hover above the bay and carry out surveillance.

Security chiefs decided to bring in the warship in the knowledge that terrorists have slaughtered innocent civilians several times on beaches. 

Rio Olympics: US Helicopter

Thousands of people will be partying on the famous sands of the Copacabana each night during the Olympics and dining out in the many restaurants.

Police see the beaches in the Olympic city as extremely vulnerable areas and easy targets as the official Olympic venues are openly protected and only accessible with approved accreditation and tickets after thorough vetting.

Cutting-edge high tech cameras are monitoring crowds and police and army snipers will survey crowds for suspicious activity.

Rio Olympics: US Spies

A US military tested high-resolution imaging system called Simera, produced by American specialists Logos Technologies, will assist with real time video surveillance in a 40-square kilometer area between beaches and four main venues.

Olympic chiefs have had to establish a security operation which maintains the safety of the world's greatest athletes and supporters without restricting the enjoyment of them and the watching global audience.  

Rio Olympics: US Spies

The country is spending almost $900 million on protecting the Olympics from terrorist attack and the 500,000 foreign visitors expected in Rio for the games.

A record 130,000 police, soldiers, navel personnel and security guards have been drafted in to combat the terrorist threat after a dozen alleged ISIS operatives were arrested in Brazil earlier this month.

A Brazilian of Lebanese descent was also arrested last month for alleged links to ISIS. 

Rio Olympics: ISIS AgentRio Olympics: ISIS Agent

Rio Olympics: US Spies

Brazil's justice minister said those arrested had threatened to attack the games but said they were 'amateurs'.

The country has been warned that the threat of terrorism at the games is high and the US has helped with assessing the threat level and on how to protect lives and venues.

Rio has launched a campaign equivalent to the US project headed 'If You See Something, Say Something ' urging the public to report their suspicions.

Rio Olympics: Brazil Army

Fifty-one countries are supplying intelligence to Brazilian security during the Olympics.

Source: Daily Mail/NBC News

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