Turkish President Visits Moscow to ‘Reset’ Ties With Russia

Erdogan and Putin

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan visits Moscow to hold talks with Russian President, Vladimir Putin in a bid to “reset” ties with Russia.

Before leaving Turkey, Mr Erdogan referred to president Putin as his “friend” and said he wanted to open a new page in relations with Russia.

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“This visit strikes me as a new milepost in our bilateral relations, starting again from a clean slate,” Erdogan told Reuters.

“A new page will be opened in Russo-Tukish ties. This new page will include military, economic and cultural cooperation.”

Relations between the two countries plunged into crisis last year when turkey shot down a Russian military jet on the Syrian border.

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It is Mr Erdogan’s first foreign visit since an attempted coup was aborted in his country last month.

The visit comes as turkey’s ties with the west have cooled over criticism of a crackdown on alleged coup-plotters.

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